zdravotnické technologie

medical technology

Interventional Radiology


High quality peripheral stents for vessel lesions in following segments.

  • Balloon-expandible stent RADIX 2™ for Renal
  • Self-expandible stent EASY HI-FLYPE™ for Iliac
  • Balloon-expandible stent ISTHMUS LOGIC™ for Iliac
  • Self-expandible stent EASY FLYPE™ for Femoro-Popliteal
  • Balloon-expandible stent CRE8 BTK™ for Below The Knee
  • Balloon-expandible stent INPERIA ADVANCE™ for Below The Knee


  • CRE8 BTK (Below The Knee)
    • Indication enlargement of unique CRE8 product with amphilimus coverage for stenting of peripheral below the knee vessels

More information about Gore products on www.alvimedica.com