zdravotnické technologie

medical technology

Interventional Cardiology

Alvimedica (CID Medical)

Products of interventional cardiology of the Italian manufacturer CID SpA. (Carbostent & Implantable Devices).

The portfolio includes:

  • Balloon catheters Fludyo and ProHp (the high pressure balloon with dual use for intervention)
  • Carbostents
    • BMS – BIS (BioInducer Surface) Avantgarde
    • DES – BIS (without polymer) CRE8

An essential characteristic of this stent is a medicine placement in reservoirs created in the struts of the stent. This technology enables targeted release of the medicine only in the walls of the artery with minimized washing out of the medicine via flowing blood. Only the carbostent remains in the coronary artery after its exhaustion.

The carbostents are created on a CoCr frame with a thin layer of bio- and haemo-compatible carbon with a structure near a diamond, applied by the patented technology.
More information is available on request or on www.alvimedica.com.


Unique occluders dedicated for endovascular closure of atrial septum defect and patent foramen ovale.

With minimal portion of metal in their design and with patented „self-centered“ system with super low profile for easy delivery and ideal closure of defects with maximal respect towards physiologic conditions.

  • Ultrasept ASD
  • Ultrasept PFO

More information is available on request or on www.cardia.com