zdravotnické technologie

medical technology

Interventional Neuroradiology


Top products of the company Microvention intended for minimally invasive surgical treatment of intracranial vessel abnormalities (cerebral aneurysms, cerebral apoplexy, arterial-venous malformations and shunts).


MicroPlex® Coil System

  • VFC® Complex Coils
  • Cosmos® Complex Coils
  • Compass® Complex Coils
  • Microplex® Complex Coils
  • Microplex® Helical Coils
  • Microplex® HyperSoft® Coils

Hydrogel Coated Coils

  • HydroCoil® Embolic System
  • HydroFrame® HydroCoil Embolic System
  • HydroSoft® HydroCoil Embolic System

Delivery and Detachment Systems

  • V-Trak® Delivery Pusher and V-Grip(R) Detachment Controller

Access Products

Guide Catheters

  • Chaperon® Guiding Catheter System
  • Chaperon® Guiding Catheter Single


  • Traxcess® Guidewire & Traxcess ® Docking Wire Microcatheters


  • Headway® Microcatheter

Balloon Catheters

  • Scepter C® Occlusion Balloon Catheter
  • Scepter XC® Occlusion Balloon Catheter

Intraluminal Devices

  • LVIS® Intraluminal Support Device
  • LVIS jr.® Intraluminal Support Device

Flow diverter

  • FRED® Integrated dual-layer system

Product for Carotid Stenting


  • An “ultra-closed” carotid stent intended for prevention of acute thromboembolic disease of intracerebral vessels (internal carotid arteries).
  • It represents the latest generation ("next generation") of the stent in this indication. The uniqueness of this stent is achieved by the double bedding of the stent frame ("double layer stent"), which significantly reduces the
    risk of thrombus or rather emboli release from the intravascular atherosclerotic plaque with the subsequent development of cerebral infarction (stroke).

Liquid Embolic Product


  • non-adhesiveliquid embolic product in 3 different concentrations ( 25%, 30%, 35% ) for various clinical indications – for embolisations in peripheral vasculature and neurovasculature including AV malformations amd hypervascular tumours
  • it contains pre-filled syringes for immediate use without need of shaking, that differentiates it from competition. Moreover, it has no additional metal – instead of tantalum it’s on iodine basis, that significantly reduces artifacts as well as probability of „tatoo effect“ in treatment of superficial enurysms

Embolus Retriever

  • ERIC® Retrieval Device

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